Welcome…since you’re here, you know things can get better. You want to feel heard and understood while getting some strategies for immediate relief.


I can help.


You’re going to feel deep respect from me. I respect where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go. From the very beginning, we tailor make your sessions based on what you want or need. You want someone who is specialized and highly trained in the specific area you need.

Therapy can be as short as possible and as long as needed.  And progress may also be quicker than expected, especially when we’re working together.

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I’m Rebecca D. Hogg


Clients appreciate the balance and boundaries I encourage and live out in my life.

  • I intentionally maintain a small caseload so I can provide a more personalized service to each client.

  • I choose to specialize in a limited number of areas rather than generalize in multiple ones. When you have a specific physical need, you want someone specialized in that field. The same is true when you have a specific need in therapy.

  • I provide you a high level of care, help, and support.

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Parenting & Play Therapy

You want to feel more calm and ready for what parenting brings you. You can better understand your child and feel closer to them, even when they act like they are from another planet!!!

Trauma, Betrayal, Grief & Loss

Life doesn’t always have to feel this heavy. Images haunt you and triggers flood you AND they can be neutralized. These results can be quicker & more effective than traditional talk therapy.